A long time since I had this delicious snack...

So I took a trip overseas recently and some of the cool things you find at a local supermarket are quite unique to me because cultures and tastes are different than that of back home here in the USA.  One snack that caught my eye was Doritos TACO flavor.  Now if I recall as a young kid, this was THE flavor of that particular brand before nacho cheese was introduced and ultimately took over as the "de facto" flavor.  But as I got older, I had long yearned for the classic taste of TACO flavored Doritos chips and search after search of every supermarket, every convenience store came up empty.  It was only recently during my trip to the orient that I stumbled upon this delicious bag of goodies. After making sure the bag didn't burst during my flight back home, I opened one of the bags and savored every chip that I consumed.  I was immediately transported back in time when my childhood was fun and simple!  Now I need another bag to snack on.  Help!


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