Have kids you'll probably live longer

When I was raising my kids I was pretty sure all the stress was taking years off my life. Now that their grown up a new study from Sweden makes sense to me.  Researchers followed 1.4 million people and determined that men and women with children lived a  year and a half longer than men and women who didn't have kids. The researches didn't know exactly why this took place but they do have a theory. Most kids have a natural desire to take care of mom and dad. So they're providing extra social and emotional support for their parents and that better care makes a difference. This really makes sense to me. My kids are grown up busy people and really don't need me anymore but I talk to all of them everyday.  My sons still share the house with me.  They joke that they're going to kick me out if I ever become a "problem." The reality is: all of us are there for each other. Something to remember if your kids are still young and they're driving you a little crazy. 


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