Some foods that really aren't so bad for you

Go ahead. Have your breakfast sandwich with cheese and a cup of coffee!  Here are some actual facts about some foods we always hear are bad for us.

1. Gluten-only 1 percent of people have Celiac Disease.  In moderation Gluten is not bad for you.

2. Eggs-numerous studies have show eggs in moderation do not increase cholesterol.

3. Coffee- according to a study by the Mayo Clinic consuming up to 400 mg of caffeine a day won't cause any harm. A tall coffee from Starbucks has 260 mg of caffeine.

4. Cheese- it's not addictive (as some studies claim) and in moderation cheese is good.

5. Seltzer Water- drinking seltzer water is the same as plain water as long as you drink the kind without extra sodium and sugar.   

I have high cholesterol so I have to be more careful.  Wheat and Rye bread are better than white bread for people like me and one slice of cheese for lunch on my sandwich instead of two. I've discover banana oatmeal so I don't miss eggs so much. Steve Allan our afternoon host has encouraged me to drink more plain water and now I actually like it. On the weekends I tend to ease off a little and might treat myself to a nice egg, cheese and bacon sandwich for breakfast.  Source: Business Insider


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