A Bill Inspired By Snooki And Rutgers?!?!

Legislators have approved a bill inspired by Snooki's commencement address at Rutgers University a few years ago.  Really?  I like that Governor Christie didn't seem overly concerned on this matter.  This caps what state public universities can pay their commencement speakers.  Rutgers stated they do NOT use state money to pay their commencement speakers.  These speakers definitely affect schools when they're trying to recruit new students and make their donors happy.  Donors = Clients!  Commencement speakers are an important part of the college business model.  Full disclosure, my Awesome Girlfriend Megan is a proud RU alumna, she works there, and her daughters attend.  Plus my Patriots, Bill and his son Steve LOVE Rutgers as well.  You may remember that Rutgers had more players in the Super Bowl than any other school.  I'm a proud RU boy.  Let's go RU clap clap clap clap clap.  You can see more about this bill by clicking here.  


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