What to know before you date a co-worker

I'm glad people meet at work and go out on dates. My mom and dad met at work. That's why I'm here. When they got engaged my mom went to work for a different company so they wouldn't carry any martial dis-agreements into the office. That seems to be a common sense way to do things.  Over the years here at WSUS I've seen several situations where married people work in the same place. It really was never a problem. Now on to what you should know before you take the plunge. 

1. Your company's policy about dating in the office. If there's nothing in writing that says you can't date you are probably safe.

2. No PDA in the office. Common sense, right?

3. Just be honest. Be courteous to each other in the office but don't act too "Crazy in Love.'

4. Don't arrive or leave together. Some people might find it strange

Many people think work is a better place to meet people than a dating site. I think they're probably right but be careful. Source: Cosmo


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