I Apparently Used GWB As A SHORTCUT?!?!

How I've survived on this planet is astounding sometimes.  This weekend I went for a quick trip back to Boston, paying my respects to my dear friends whose Mom just passed away.  It was such a touching tribute and I'm so happy to have attended.  My friends said it meant so much to them I went from Jersey to Boston for their Mom's funeral.  Then I spent Saturday night and Sunday morning with my parents, road trip back to Jersey on Sunday and see Awesome Girlfriend Megan in Hackettstown.  While following my Google Maps, I went through 84 in Connecticut, then 15, en route to 287.  I received messages that there was another bad accident on 287 (already had near misses driving through that horrible freezing rain 5 states Saturday morning,) and that I could save 25 minutes by accepting a faster route.  I saw the faster route took me to 80 West, perfect!  Apparently, I ended up on the Lower Level of THE GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE as a shortcut!  I didn't expect to end up through The Bronx, and The City, but it was beautiful in my rearview mirror as I drove away from it.  With the help of Awesome Girlfriend Megan, then today Steve Andrews and my buddy Alitra, we can pretty safely confirm that I indeed did end up on the Lower Level of the GWB.  LOL.  You can see google maps tips by clicking here.  btw --- YES, it did save me 25 minutes!


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