Running Can Help Extend Your Life Too?

I don't consider myself a runner by any means, however the runner's high cannot be beat.  I'm still battling a back injury since last July and haven't been able to run, which has been very painful and frustrating for me.  I'm still gunning to help my friends and run in the annual OSCAR One Step Closer Animal Rescue 5K.  Last year was my first ever 5K, and I nailed it in 26:12!  I know that terrific time can't be matched by me last year, my goal now is to simply be healthy enough to finish.  We're now seeing scientific results saying that running can help extend our lives?!?  Perfect on a day so special to me, Boston Marathon Monday.  You don't have to be a Marathon runner to extend your life, no worries!  You can see more about this by clicking here.


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