My Weekend In Three Pictures....

The big weekend with Awesome Girlfriend Megan and my family went GREAT.  We were only in Boston for 24 hours, but made every single second count.  This was Awesome Girlfriend Megan's first time vacationing with my family, and she didn't run away yet!  Woooohooo!  You can see our pictures here.  Okay, so it's a bunch of pictures crammed into a couple small spaces but can you blame me?  Some of these look professional!  This weekend was another terrific reminder of what a lucky guy I am.  Amazing family and friends.  You can see more beautiful pictures by following me on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter @SteveAllanRadio 

Photo of Boston Skyline by Steve Allan
Photos by Instagram: SteveAllanRadio
Me With Chazz Palminteri!


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