My Weekend In 6 Pictures...

This weekend my entertaining was a major success!  My cooking still leaves a ton to be desired and needs MUCH improvement, thank god for Awesome Girlfriend Megan!  Chris and Kristine I think had a wonderful time.  The long drive from Boston can really tire my loved ones out when they arrive, so I'm trying to slow down my pace on tours of our area when company happens.  They loved where I took them, ranging from The Appalachian Trail Boardwalk, Mohawk House, Ballyowen, and of course The Tiki Bar.  Then yesterday, I was able to host and participate in the Annual KEEP Golf Outting, with my friends Tom, Mary Jean, and Megan.  One negative?  One of my best friends at our radio station, Shawn, is STILL USING A BEAR GOLF CLUB COVER.  Are you kidding me???


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