My Weekend In Just A Few Pictures...

This weekend my Wicked Awesome Sister Suzanne (sistawh with a Boston Strong accent,) visited here me here in Jersey.  My sister visited me for her very first time without joining my parents, and I think she had fun.  I took Zannie to my new favorite spot High Point Monument and she definitely enjoyed that.  The views are so gorgeous from High Point.  I'll admit, she wanted to hike up the monument, but my fear of heights unfortunately defeated me and we couldn't.  Then on a whim, I took her to Buttermilk Falls for her and my first time.  WOW!!!  I am absolutely in love with both High Point Monument AND Buttermilk Falls now!!!!!!!!!!  Labor Day Weekend my parents are visiting, and I will definitely be taking Madre and Padre to these sights.  They're going to love them!  Then we were able to enjoy some craft beers with Awesome Girlfriend Megan, and Meg took Zannie to relax by the pool and Tiki Bar while I worked at Mountain Creek for our Rubber Duck Race supporting our Veterans Memorial Park in Vernon.  Is it nap time yet???


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