My Weekend Back Home In A Few Pictures....

Back by popular demand, my weekend in just a few pictures.  I was able to go back home in Boston real quickly to surprise my Uncle / Godfather Jeff (known as JDawg,) for his birthday!  He won't publicly admit it, but I'm betting JDawg loved his balloons I gave him!  I was able to enjoy lunch with my besty Davey, he's been my partner in crime since we were 8 years old and enjoyed our favorite dive wing place, Wendell's in Norton, Ma.  They are quite often known as the hottest wings on the East Coast!  Then wrapped it up watching my Pats LOSE with my buddies in Jersey.  I left Boston at 9am, made it back to Jersey at 1pm just in time for kick off ----- UGH!  My Patriots need to work on defense ASAP!  Still early, still early.


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