My Weekend In A Few Pictures

This weekend for me was very action packed!  An adult professional dancer gave me a refund!  More on that later.  One of my best friends, Nate is getting married next month and we couldn't be happier for him and Lauren.  They've been amazing friends to me through thick and thin, while always knowing how to make us smile.  When it was announced the bachelor party would be in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I honestly cringed at what my commute would be.  Friday right after work, I drove 5 hours to visit my parents and sister, slept there, then woke up Saturday to drive the remaining 90 minutes to New Hampshire.  I LOVE PORTSMOUTH!!!  This city I highly recommend, so many fun options right on the water.  We had many great times and laughs.

We ended up at a gentleman's club of course.  Long story short, a nice professional dancer walked on stage near me.  Attempting being a gentleman, I handed her two one-dollar bills before she even started dancing.  She then gave me my two dollars back, because it apparently wasn't her turn up in their rotation schedule.  We will never forget the time that a dancer gave me my two dollars back.  I was happy to be back home in New England, but tired as it took me 6 hours driving back from Boston.  I'm wiped out, but at least my Pats won last night!

Oh, and in the middle of the night, I accidentally ended up in the wrong bed with my buddy Dan.  He informed me that the rooms were identical and my room was the next one over --- whoops!

Photo by Steve Allan


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