My Weekend In 4 Pictures...

I had a wonderful weekend with Awesome Girlfriend Megan and some of my wonderful friends.  As you can see, I HATE dressing up in Halloween costumes.  I would rather just be comfortable and have fun!  My weekend kicked off swinging by Franklin Sussex Auto Mall's Halloween Costume Party, which is always a fun experience.  Saturday Meg and I had a great time visiting her Mom in Pa, where there were some funny signs along the way.  For starters, I am a freak who hates cheese --- so when we stumbled across a "No cheese," sign, this became one of my all time favorite gas station stops.  The clown sign scares my sister, so we had fun sending that to her.  We then made an appearance at another Halloween party, where I rocked one of my Batman t-shirts and Meg was my Catwoman.  Yeah buddy!  Then I enjoyed my Pats winning a close game with some of my Patriot fan buddies.  Success!


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