My Weekend In 7 Pictures...

What a wonderful, action packed weekend.  We kicked it off in AC celebrating Steve Andrews getting inducted into the New Jersey Broadcasters Association HALL OF FAME!!!  This was a night that I will never forget.  Then, Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I were very busy.  We threw a 60th birthday party for one of our dear friends, Ed.  He likes to joke with us and says "Don't Annoy Me," so Meg and I went all out and got a cake for him with his favorite saying and picture right on it!!!  Meg and Steve for the WIN again!  We had an amazing night with some of our closest friends.  Meg and I then enjoyed watching some of our buddies from Vernon enjoy a big cheerleading competition victory (have I mentioned how LOUD those events are?)  Meg was very happy that her Cowboys won against Kansas City.  I was happy my Pats were on a bye, that helped my blood pressure for sure lol.  Please enjoy our weekend in pictures.  I know we sure did.


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