My Weekend In Pictures

I have had quite the wonderful birthday week/weekend between Jersey and Boston!  I'm so blessed to have such a strong team of family and friends, knowing full well it takes a village to put up with me!  My family and friends are so wonderful.  I had a Birthday party Tuesday night in Jersey at my Campus bar Kite's, then Thursday and Friday enjoyed time with my family and friends back home, Saturday returned in time for our Nielsen Chevy 10K Holiday Giveaway where I was able to help give away TEN THOUSAND BUCKS!  It's definitely not a typical birthday when you have to leave your parents and sister at 8 in the morning, drive 4+ hours to Jersey, but then get to help give away ten thousand dollars.  

Awesome Girlfriend Megan knew I would be very tired, so she threw me a perfect low key birthday party at my besty Jasen's place.  Between Meg, Jasen, JG, Carrie, and my nephew pup Spot I was in GREAT hands.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Inside story, but after one lesson about helium from my besty JG, I'll never look at balloons the same way again.  #Blessed

Oh and to alert all local emergency personnel, my parents gave me an outdoor electric grill...videos on Facebook of me attempting to grill will happen in the future!


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