On the road: Didn't See The Signs?

Many times I've traveled, it was usually on a plane, simply to get to a particular destination and to eat awful food served on a mini tray at your seat.  But there are instances where a plane ride may not be feasible and you end up for hours on the road to get you to your final stop.  Along the way, whether you are driving or letting someone else drive, you come across those road signs that give you an idea on how far it is to a major city or your intended stop.  Then there are those advertisements that direct you to stop for a quick meal, an opportunity to gas up your vehicle, a hotel for you to rest at or a souvenir shop with items for sale to remind you of that particular time of when you drove by that area.

These days, many of those road signs have been replaced with digital signage that can easily be changed at the stroke on one's keyboard.  But there are some of those signs that have been standing up on the highways, perhaps for generations.  The Star Ledger via NJ.com has this great article about vintage signs throughout New Jersey.

Vintage photos of signs in New Jersey


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