My Weekend In Pictures

What a wonderful weekend!  My weekend started Friday with Awesome Girlfriend Megan in Hackettstown at one of our favorite dive bars.  I found out late last week that the party at my buddy Spooner's was an Ugly Sweater party.  This is a challenge.  Meg and I Saturday morning went to 4 stores underwhelmed by their overpriced ugly sweaters.  I then found a perfect combination for me, a red Santa shirt with a light up Gingerbread Hat, where the gingerbread's leg is snapped off and he says "OH SNAP!"  Hilarious, right?  My hat was a big hit at the party, and everywhere else I went.  Even while we were at Rockaway Mall doing our Gifts For Goldens, everyone kept yelling to me "I love your hat!"  

I also spent much time enjoying THE SNOW GUNS!  My deck is approximately 35 yards from Granite Mountain where I enjoy not just watching skiers, but also the snow guns in action.  They're so awesome sleeping to, talk about white noise no pun intended.  

I had a great time at my buddy Spooner's Ugly Christmas Sweater party.  I highly recommend hanging with friends, laughing, drinking, all while analyzing and fact checking Home Alone 2 vs Home Alone.

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