My Fractured Wrist Comeback Chronicles

posted by Steve Allan - 

Almost 3 weeks ago, I fell on ice and fractured my wrist.  I will take you with me on my journey!  Thank you so much to Awesome Girlfriend Megan for being with me through good times and bad.  My family and friends have been very supportive of me too.  This has been one of the most physically and emotionally painful times of my life.  The only reason my sneakers are tied is because Meg tied them for me.  I'm constantly praying for low snowfall accumulations because I literally can't shovel myself,

This weekend I'm meeting with my orthopedic doctor for a second time hoping for good news and progress.  I'm nervous because with this cold weather the pain in my wrist has been awful at times.  We're hopeful for continued progress.  According to my research, best case scenario has me in casts for only 3 more weeks.  That would be nice!  You can see my fractured wrist research by clicking here.

Photo by steveallanradio on Snapchat


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