My Weekend In A Few Pictures

Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I entertained a very small Patriots party at my place.  Meg had to do most of the heavy lifting due to my wrist still being fractured.  Okay come to think of it, she still did the heavy lifting in our relationship even before my injury.  We had a great time with our friends watching the Pats win.  Then Meg and I wrapped up our weekend with a relaxing football Sunday with her two of her 3 Awesome Daughters.  We also were excited to try a couple of craft beers, one of them won us over on the title, "new phone who dis?"  That specific beer I wouldn't recommend, too heavy with caramel for us, but no regrets on trying such a funny titled beer.  

Also, I made history by allowing Spot, on my rug.  My besty Jasen offered to bring him over and I said Yes, as long as he was cheering for The Pats.


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