Most Unique Searched Recipes For Big Game

This list shows some uniquely Googled recipes for the Super Bowl by state.  I think many of these are just weird!  Many of these will NOT be served at my little shindig. You can see this whacky list by clicking here. 

Talk about Awesome Girlfriend Megan taking my edge off little by little.  I have agreed to - and am getting slightly excited - hosting my first ever Super Bowl party AT MY PLACE.  You know I have always loathed entertaining.  I'm always bad at it, can never relax, and also don't allow people to walk on my rug, etc.  Over the years, I've been to some wonderful Super Bowl parties with friends while my Patriots have been in it.  These have been nice bandages while I'm away from home where so many family and friends are having their Patriots Super Bowl parties and everyone is on the same side.  The time is now for me to have my first ever Patriots Super Bowl Party at my place, (with plenty of assistance / guidance / support / everything) from Awesome Girlfriend Megan.  Yes, we will have some normal chicken wings at my party, lol.  There will be very, very few invited to this.  My place is small, I can't handle much, and they have to be all in rooting for my Pats!  Let's go Pats!  

Last Pats party I had.  Things got a little crazy!


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