My Black Monday

First and foremost, congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles for beating my New England Patriots in The Super Bowl.  It was a great game and we fought hard all the way until that last second.  While I personally can't stand Philly, I'm happy for Eagles diehard fans we know who are normal and don't hang off light posts and building structures.  Congratulations to our Sunday afternoon guy Mel Andrews, and our behind the scenes digital superstars Kelsey Maxon and BJ Ragone on getting your first Super Bowl.  It's a wonderful feeling.  

Growing up an 11 minute drive from Gillette Stadium where the Patriots play their home games in Foxborough, MA, they have always been in my blood.  Now in Jersey I'm always outnumbered largely but that's okay.  I'm 36 and grew up during some hard Patriots times.  There were 1-15, 2-14 seasons, etc.  Growing up I never thought in my dreams that the Patriots would win a Super Bowl.  Winning a Super Bowl?  I always thought that was for the Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Green Bay and Dallas franchises.  Never us in our wildest dreams.  Then to go on this historic run for 18 straight years has been amazing and magical for Patriots fans.  We have learned to fight hard and never give up, always believing.  My Pats are still my blood through thick and thin, I'll love them forever.  

My party?  That was one of the few bright spots.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan SAVED me.  My seared ahi tuna slices were a MAJOR hit, everyone agreed our best one yet.  My challenge?  I didn't get Awesome Girlfriend Megan for in person guidance until 4pm.  While making our tuna by myself for the first time ever, I noticed that my stove didn't turn on.  It said it was on, but it wasn't!  So I troubleshooted, felt the pan and it wasn't even warm.  I moved the pan to another stove on my other side of the tiny oven, then that worked.  Then what happens?  MY SMOKE DETECTOR GOES OFF AGAIN!!!  I was able to get a chair, hit the reset button and all was great.  Seconds later Megan shows up, to both of my doors open during snow flurries trying to air out my place.  Unbelievable.  My seared ahi tuna was a major hit, my buffalo wings in crockpot went GREAT!  First time I've ever used my crockpot in 4 years, and I'll be doing that more.  I literally just dumped the bag of buffalo wings into my crockpot, set on high for 2 hours, then kept warm.  Everyone loved them.  I haven't eaten them yet because I'm always too stressed to eat during Patriot games, especially the Super Bowl.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan's stromboli was an amazing success per usual.  Nom Nom Nom!!!  Thank god for Meg!

We weren't able to drink my Korbel champagne, all just too depressed.  I didn't even take any party pictures because this game was so intense.  Ah well.  Megan and I will come up with another occasion.  I'm extremely blessed to have her --- that's reason enough to celebrate sometime later this week.  


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