Special Olympics Back In Vernon, NJ!

posted by Steve Allan - 

This event is inspiring every time.  I always enjoy telling the story of when I first moved here to Vernon, NJ 4 years ago.  I had only lived here a few months, and on a random week night, was completely startled by loud noises.  At first I thought it sounded like gun fire, even though hunting season wasn't in effect.  Then, after a couple minutes, I realized that these loud noises were fireworks.  My thoughts were who does fireworks on a weeknight in January when all you can see is snow everywhere?  The next morning my questions were answered, when I read in the NJ Herald that The Winter Special Olympics, and they had a terrific opening night ceremony that yes, included an impressive fireworks show.  I'm psyched to report that this event at Mountain Creek is open to the public.  50 YEARS, GREAT FOR THEM!  You can see more about this event by clicking here.

Photo by Pixabay


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