Great Long Weekend Vacation Home - Tons Of Pics!

What a wonderful weekend back home!  I was able to take Awesome Girlfriend Megan back home and see my family and some of our friends.  Keeping up with February tradition, our only friends we were able to see were our family in New Bedford.  My best friends since our college Bridgewater State days, Chris and Kristine have always been there by my side.  Our running joke is that I'm the Vice President in their relationship, so when Benvie can't take Kristine on a date, it's my job.  Rewind back to 4-5 years ago, Benvie had no interest in seeing the Fifty Shades movies.  I volunteered immediately, because as VP that's my job, and back then being single figured that the female to male ratio would be largely in my favor.  

Friday night, Meg and I made it back just in time for the 7:40pm movie.  My Best Sister Ever Suzanne took the night off from work so she and Meg could enjoy a nice Girls Night Out --- while I suffered through the third and final installment of this Fifty Shades Trilogy.  It might be a tough debate as to which trilogy will have a larger impact on American Pop Culture --- Star Wars, or Fifty Shades.  Think Star Wars might get the nod?  This Fifty Shades made me laugh out loud a few times, so that was a plus.  They still used tools that even after googling, we can't figure out their proper use.  At one point Ana placed ice cream on Christian's chest to lick it off of him.  I cringed and said "If Meg ever did that to me, I would SCREAM AND CRY!"  This Fifty Shades wasn't as bad as the 2nd one, the 2nd Fifty Shades a year ago was so boring and just dragged, dragged, dragged, and dragged some more.  

Saturday was my "niece," Bella's Birthday party!  I can't believe on February 15th, she's turning TEN.  She's a perfect ten in Uncle Steve's eyes.  I held her in my arms minutes after she was born --- before quickly panicking and handing her over to the Grammas so I wouldn't accidentally break her.  Uncle Steve has had her back from Day one - and even though I've been here in Jersey for 4 years --- I'm still 10 for 10 in attending Bella birthdays.  Before Bella's party, I was able to pull off an awesome surprise for Awesome Girlfriend Megan.  I took her to one of the best pizza places in all of New England, Cape Cod Cafe in Brockton, Ma.  They've been delicious since 1939!

Then, Sunday.  One of the greatest nights of my life!  My Wicked Awesome Best Sister Ever Suzanne took me to the Celtics game.  We would go to a Celtics game every year back when I was home in Boston.  Sunday night was the retirement ceremony for my favorite basketball player growing up, Paul Pierce.  Through some good teams, some very bad teams, and a Championship Team, I was with Paul Pierce through thick and thin.  He would never be outworked by ANYONE.  Pierce was a champion both on and off the court.  When we arrived to the Garden (or Gahhhden as we say in Boston,) 45 mins before the game Pierce came out to do a TV segment with ABC/ESPN.  Even though the arena was only half full, people started noticing him and just simply exploded.  This was a night he'll never forget, and thanks to my sister Zannie, I never will either.  

Then Monday we were able to visit my Grammy, which was WONDERFUL.  She'll be 85 in late June, and has always been one of my very best friends.  Meg and I were able to do a goodbye lunch with my parents and JDawg (who I always say is not only my Uncle, but also my Godfather / Very Best Friend Forever,) at a local favorite of ours, Fresh Catch in Mansfield, Ma.  We were able to get Meg her new favorite food of all time --- New England Clam Chowder!  The Chowdah there was FANTASTIC!  Great weekend back home with Awesome Girlfriend Megan and my family.  Next time we will definitely hope to see more of our friends.

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