My Weekend In 6 Pictures...

Another weekend where we end up saying "I need a weekend from my weekend!"  My weekend started off Friday night with two of my very Besties, Carrie and Jasen.  Good, quiet chill night at her place which was just what the doctor ordered after a very busy week at work for all of us.  Great wine, with even better friends on a Friday night - or any night for that matter - what could be better?  Absolutely nothing!

Then Saturday morning, my newfound grilling addiction continued.  I was able to meet up with another one of my very Besties, Ty.  She grew up on a farm right here in (I can never remember whether she's technically Hardyston, Hamburg, Vernon, or even Sparta, could be anyone of those four LOL.)  Ty's only a 10 minute drive from me, and ever since last year I've been contemplating buying beef off of her family from one of their cows for sale.  I finally did it, and am SOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!  We're going to have more comedy and memories of me on the grill in our very near future.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan is brave, and excited.

Saturday afternoon to evening was by far the main event.  Meg's Mommy, Rita, had her Surprise 80th Birthday Party!  Meg's Mommy Rita is a wonderful friend to me too, and has always embraced me from day one.  She's an absolute rock star, and when you know her for more than 2 minutes, it's easy to see exactly where Awesome Girlfriend Megan got her biggest heart I've ever seen.  I predicted with it being Rita's 80th, that she figured there would be a surprise party but unaware of the party's massive size.  I was WRONG.  Rita was so pleasantly surprised she couldn't ever even shake it.  She's so happy when her big family can get together, and never stopped smiling the whole time - no matter how exhausted she must have been by the end.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan's 3 Awesome Daughters, Caitlyn, Hailey, and Amanda all did an amazing job setting up the party decorating.  It was literally a 11 hour day for them, nonstop action.  They even made all of the designs about what life was like in the 1930s themselves!  They're all very talented.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I had another amazing weekend --- even if we are ready for a nap or very early bedtime tonight!  I'll be texting her goodnight wishes by 8pm, lol.


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