Nighttime Habits That Make Your Morning Better!

Many say that a big key to starting your morning off right is the way your previous night ends.  Some of these tips make sense, especially prepping for your next day.  Letting meat out to thaw and be ready to rock by the time you get home makes a ton of sense, along with other simple prep work to make your morning slightly easier with all of those moving parts.  It's tough enough getting yourself ready, let alone everyone else.  You can see these solid tips by clicking here.

They have come up with a list on Bustle of 8 Old Fashioned Self-Care tips that can still help ease your stress today!  Hopefully tonight I can start with some meditation, more and more of my friends swear by it.  Drinking a warm beverage always makes me think of Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, LOL.  You can see the rest of these wonderful, simple tips by clicking here.

Also, file this under #Finally.  Less than half of brides are doing that bouquet toss.  This makes me happy because it's an INACCURATE tradition.  I caught the garter at my best friends Matt and Leah's wedding back in April 2009, and still haven't been married yet!  That being said, I'm hopeful my marital status someday will change thanks to the never ending patience of Awesome Girlfriend Megan.  You can see more about the survey showing shrinking flower toss numbers right here.


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