Which Counties Have Highest Property Taxes?

Even though I'm only a renting resident in Jersey, that doesn't mean these sky high property taxes don't affect my rent / cost of living.  Can you believe that the average property tax bill is over $8K?  Well, if you're an owner, I'm sure you can absolutely believe this.  It looks like Sussex County is right in the middle of this pack when it comes to average property tax bill rankings.  You can see the list ranking all 21 Jersey Counties by clicking here.

This is painful.  I remember showing recently how Sussex County is among those with the biggest losses in population.  Sussex County has been declining in population for well over ten years now, especially with Millenials.  When cost of living is high here, added onto the expenses and aggravation of commuting, it can be very tough.  It's also tough to build much here, because so many of our population don't want any kind of noise when they get home from long commutes.  You can see the story about us losing population when you click here.  


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