Getting Married In A Whole Foods? Sure!

Getting married at a Whole Foods on the surface sounds pretty aggressive.  While it may sound rather corny to some, I think this is a sweet story.  Whole Foods plays an enormous sentimental role in their relationships and lives.  If they want to get married at a Whole Foods, good for them!  Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I hope to someday get married on a beach.  We think that would be so neat.  You can see the Whole Foods Wedding by clicking here.

PINK LETTUCE?  EWWW GROSS.  It looks like you're eating a pink bouquet of flowers.  You can see that craze which I won't be joining by clicking right here.

Those cold / flu bugs are STILL going around everywhere, right?  The flu hit me in mid December right before I fractured my wrist and it wasn't fun at all.  I was down for the count approximately 2 and a half days, despite drinking over a gallon of water each day!  Oh and I was drinking my warm tea too, for sure!  You can see a simple guide on things you can eat to help feel better by clicking here.


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