2 Sentences To Use Instead Of Yelling At Your Kids

This has been a comedic debate involving me for years --- am I a millennial or not.  I was born November 25, 1981.  I've always been right on that border of either young Gen X, or an extremely old millennial.  Pew Research Center has finally brought an end to this decade long debate --- I'm officially a millennial, as the new official dates are 1981-1996.  That means I clearly need to spend much more time on Snapchat than I do.  btw, cheap self plug, you can always follow me on FB, Instagram and Snapchat - @SteveAllanRadio.  You can see the Pew Research explanation here.

2 sentences to help us avoid yelling at kids?  Since the majority of my friends have kids, I witness their everyday interactions very frequently.  I doubt these two sentences would work, but maybe they're worth a shot?  You can see these magical words by clicking here.

This idea seems pretty entertaining.  You know how there are so many drinking games to do during Award Shows, sporting events, regular TV shows, etc?  They have come up with a healthy exercise game you can do while watching The Oscars Sunday night, from the Red Carpet on!  You can click here and see all of these exercises.  I'm going to kick it old school, likely with an ice cold beer and popcorn.


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