Spring Break Now Cancelled For Vernon

This is something else!  Vernon schools have been closed for 12 days this year, and as a result now have to cancel spring break, and go to school until almost June!  I was wondering if they had a law requiring that kids go to school 180 days like my home state of Massachusetts, and now this is being confirmed.  While I do a double take when Vernon closes sometimes before the snow starts falling, we do have many steep, windy mountain roads that can be tough to treat/maintain.  

I wonder if this will alter their school delay / closing strategy next season, of if this will be viewed as a once in a lifetime kind of deal.  I do have friends who are parents cringing at driving in these treacherous conditions, and bus driver friends who take their responsibilities very seriously.  Should Vernon change their tendencies of being so quick to cancel school?  It's funny to think we didn't have that many snow days when we were kids it seems.  I think for me in Boston we averaged 2-3 snow days per year.  The first time Bridgewater State University, my college ever closed during my tenure due to snow?  WHEN WE WERE ON SPRING BREAK!!!  Talk about added insult to injury!  You can see all the days Vernon has missed, even when they didn't receive snowfall, what Mayor Harry Shortway has to say on this issue, and a nice chart showing the rate of snowfall totals on missed days by clicking here.

Is there a way we can keep all of the snow just on Granite so I can watch skiers from my deck?  All about me what?  LOL.

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