Proposals Not Surprises Anymore? For real?!?!

WOW.  WeddingWire has just come out with a very comprehensive report on modern day wedding and engagement proposals.  I'm very happy to see them sticking with traditions, 82% still getting down on one knee --- GOOD!  You can see the full report by clicking here.  The thing that must be a sort of gray area is the surprise factor.  I believe as couples and partners, you should be able to discuss everything, especially your future together.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I certainly have long term hopes.  Okay, I'll admit my proposal plan has already been hatched in my brain for many months.  When you know, you know.  That being said, engagement rings can be on the pricey side, so there isn't anything happening in the immediate future.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan does always stress that she doesn't care less about price, but I still want something relatively nice.  I still am 100% opposed to spending too much money on engagement rings.  It should be everything else that matters more than the price tag of a ring.  I have one good friend, he and his fiance picked out their wedding venue and date before officially getting engaged.  I teased him that it made the proposal anticlimactic.  Jake then explained to me, that "The Biz (my nickname from my boys,) when it's your wedding, you don't owe anyone anything.  It's your happiness, your day, your moment."  He's absolutely right about that.  I'm still going to try and surprise Meg sometime within the next 1-3 years!  (I need to keep it vague and open ended, I wanna surprise her!!)  We will keep you posted --- maybe I'll do it on Facebook Live, LOL.

Yoga can be very intimidating.  I'm tightly wound, and stress all goes right to my neck, shoulders and back.  I have decided that this will be the year for me to start yoga, but where to begin?  You can see some tips for beginners I'll be using by clicking here.  

I found a nice shoulder stretch video, and you can see that by clicking here.  Let's get healthy and better together.  I'll keep you posted here on all of my future Yoga trials, failures, successes, and adventure.

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