Snowstorms and the after-effects on school...

It was bound to happen.

A school in New Jersey recently held classes on Saturday to make up for last week's nor'easter that forced them and many others to close for a day or two.

By state law, schools have to be open for at least a half day for 180 days and must end the school year by June 30th.

So who in their right mind would go to class on Saturday?

Well, what I would do to give incentive to those who are planned to skip the day altogether is crazy, but I think it would work.  Give students a choice...for each class, they would be given an easy 1 question "Exam" with regards to the subject they are studying.  And for those who miss that day and the "Exam" they were scheduled to take, the make-up exam would take place on a regularly scheduled weekday, only that the "exam" would have more questions and be a far more difficult test to take. It's up to you kids!

Anyhow, published an article recently on how they were forced to hold a Saturday class.  See the link below...

Clifton High students have school on Saturday


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