Get Married Wherever Your Heart Belongs.

I get it, the headline looks like something that Steve Andrews would cover in his daily Oddly Enough feature at 5:50am.  A couple just got married at a Pennsylvania WALMART.  Why Walmart?  Not only is this where the couple met and fell in love, it's also where they have so many friends.  When this couple realized that many of their friends at Walmart wouldn't be able to get time off from work to enjoy their wedding, they brought their wedding to Walmart.  Talk about a wonderful story!  Despite that nice, warm touch --- the couple has been blasted on social media by many.  I'm betting that those who are making fun of them don't even care to know the backstory.  You can see their wonderful story by clicking here.  

That being said, I told Awesome Girlfriend Megan about this Walmart Wedding.  The first time I ever met Awesome Girlfriend Megan, happened right here at our radio station while working.  Meg and her Awesome Daughter Hailey were volunteers for OSCAR, and brought me my Pets Of The Week.  Was it love at first sight?  Absolutely NOT.  Meg and I were told we would be getting 4 kittens for my Pets, and they ended up being year old full grown cats.  BIG DIFFERENCE!  We were horrified.  A couple months later, I ran into Meg and her daughter at the OSCAR 5K, and we joked about the full grown cat surprise.  Then a couple weeks later we went on our first date at Mohawk House in Sparta, and the rest is history!  When I told Meg about this touching story of the Walmart wedding and that we could follow suit and get married right here at our radio station, she was less than thrilled.  Apparently she still thinks that a beach would be better than me "cheaping out here at our radio station."  I say the only important location of your wedding, is its importance to you.  Fine, someday we'll go for a couple of beaches in 3-5 years!

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