Ways To Relax At Night With or Without Wine

I've been eyeing tips like these for awhile, on how to relax at night without wine.  Since wine is exactly how I relax many nights, we will include beverages as part of night time relaxing solutions.  This nutritionist is giving us some terrific additional tips, I firmly believe in shutting down social media by 8pm.  I always text Awesome Girlfriend Megan telling her that "I'm starting to power down."  Since I'm always pretty tightly wound, it takes time and effort for me to fall asleep.  I definitely need to start lighting my lavender candle in my bedroom after I get home from work, studies do show this can help.  I'm also going to try starting yoga, perhaps after shoveling my way out of this latest Nor'Easter Snowstorm!

Unrelated, PureWow has come up with tips for spring cleaning your relationship.  My take on this is basically don't sweat the small things.  Relationships are such important partnerships, it's more important to be kind than right.  You can click here and see their spring cleaning tips.  That being said, I need to probably work on these since Awesome Girlfriend Megan is NOT a fan of my radio station wedding idea.  In case you missed it, a couple in PA got married at a Walmart because they met there, fell in love there, and wanted their coworkers to join their wedding.  How sweet is that?  I first met Meg right here at our radio station while doing my Pet Of The Week --- but when I tried to be a hopeless romantic, my many female friends and coworkers all scoffed at me and accused me of "cheaping out," and being "instead of hopeless romantic, you're just hopeless."  You can see more about that disaster I started yesterday by clicking here.


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