5 Items In Your Wardrobe That Can Save Time

This article is originally geared towards 5 items ladies should have in their wardrobe that can help save time, but some of these concepts work for men as well.  When they say black dress, I say black sweater can work for men too.  Black shoes can work for everyone --- however these days remember I find that brown can match many outfits even better.  You can click here and see their guide.  Good time savers!

Average age of when people get married as I expected, way younger than me, lol.  Late 20s is still the norm, where I'm still unwed at the tender young age of 36.  Hopefully Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I can change that in just a few short years!  You can see the averages by clicking here.

15 items to ward off bad vibes.  What are these crystals of which they are speaking?  I definitely need to start lighting my Lavender - Chamomile candle when returning home from work or a night out.  So many studies have shown that this can help you relax and fall asleep.  Between that, my future new yoga routine and chamomile tea --- and of course copious amounts of red wine --- I'll be sleeping better in no time!  You can see the good vibe items by clicking here.

Do we really spend $17 BILLION on Easter?!?!  The more I think about it, brunches, dinners, candy, minor gifts, traveling expenses, etc --- they might be right!  You can click here and see the breakdown.


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