My Weekend In A Few Pictures - Okay, 13 Pictures!

I entertained this weekend ---- AND SURVIVED!  Friday night, Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I entertained a couple of our besties.  This brings me an enormous deal of anxiety.  I always get stressed worrying if everyone will have enough fun, etc.  Now that I have my brand new outdoor electric grill, this gives me more motivation to entertain.  You know, my grill that Steve Andrews always calls "Cute."  It is NOT cute.  It is awesome!  

Meg and I have some good systems together when prepping my place for entertaining our friends.  She cleans my kitchen, which is still completely foreign territory to me, and I take care of cleaning everything else.  We don't even have to communicate much during this process, it's almost like we have a routine now.  My place is a one bedroom, no loft or anything, so I really can't have too many people over at once.  When the warm weather happens and we get to use my wrap around deck, then it's like gaining another living room.  In the meantime, Meg and I just try to take shots here and there getting a couple of buddies over each time.  Friday night we were visited by some of our Besties, Jasen, Carrie, and Janice.  This was my first ever time grilling for them, the pressure was on!!!  My bestie Jasen and I agree, cheese is #Gross.  That being said, I know most people love cheese.  I was a complete team player as you can see, and put american cheese (even though it can't legally be called cheese, but that's a story for another day,) on their burgers.  Yep, I even touched the cheese myself!  This was another new challenge, trying to let the cheese melt on their burgers without overdoing them.  My system I've learned, since my burgers should be medium rare, aka, DELICIOUS AND JUICY AND HOW NATURE INTENDED, the higher cooked burgers get placed in the back of my grill so they don't lose as much temperature.  I LOVE my meat thermometer my parents gave me --- I would be lost without that.  You could feel the tension in the air when everyone started to eat their burgers.  After one bite, Jasen screamed a fleeting expletive.  I was panicking, wondering what went wrong.  Did I accidentally leave my new tong in the middle of his burger?  He exclaimed "This burger is FANTASTIC, one of the best I've ever had!"  I breathed an enormous sigh of relief.  Friday night Meg and I had a great time having our wonderful friends over ---- and I survived entertaining!

Saturday morning, I ventured back out to Subaru World Of Newton for a live broadcast.  People showed up who heard me promoting our Donna Summer "Summer," Broadway tickets and visited us.  It never gets old when people look and say "I just heard you on the radio!"  There I had fun with some of my work besties, Kim, Alex, And Bill Eid.  One of my favorite families, ever.

Saturday afternoon Meg and I had some downtime before heading over to Franklin Sussex Auto Mall for our Jeep Compass giveaway event.  I wanted to surprise Meg and take her to Buttermilk Falls for her first time.  #EPICFAIL.  We drove almost an hour, only to learn that the roads to Buttermilk Falls were CLOSED!  I even looked online to see if they were open, no mention of it being closed at all anywhere.  Boo Boo Hiss Hiss.  That being said, Meg and I still had a great time enjoying a beautiful lake nearby that happens to be a New Jersey State Park.  I admit, by then my mood was not good and didn't take note of the actual state park we visited.  Meg was a positive, supportive girlfriend knowing how frustrated I get when surprises (or anything,) doesn't go as perfectly planned.  We did have a wonderful time on that lake and took some beautiful pictures at least.  It's like that saying how the journey is the most important part of life.

Then Saturday night, we helped giveaway a Jeep Compass at Franklin Sussex Auto Mall!  You can see the video we took on Facebook live by clicking here.  Congratulations to Frank from Sussex.  It's always fun watching someone's life change forever in person.  Then after that, Meg and I enjoyed some delicious beers with our besties from work Shawn and Mark.  Great times.

Sunday, Easter Sunday I went with Awesome Girlfriend Megan and her Awesome Daughters to see her Awesome Mommy, Rita!  She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.  I have always said that Meg has one of the biggest hearts I have ever known in my life, and when you meet her Mommy Rita, it's immediately apparent the apple didn't fall far from the tree at all.  

I need a weekend from my weekend!  Early to bed tonight! 



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