Many Parks/Trails Near Us Are Closed! :(

This weekend I was so excited in an attempt taking Awesome Girlfriend Megan to Buttermilk Falls, one of my all time favorite places.  I have been to Buttermilk Falls twice, once with my parents and another time with my Wicked Awesome Sister, Suzanne.  Buttermilk Falls, in all of its beauty is New Jersey's tallest waterfall.  Located in Layton, just a 15 minute drive past The Tillman Ravine, Buttermilk Falls is absolutely gorgeous.  The Falls are approximately a 55 minute drive from my place in Vernon.  After driving 40+ minutes, I was livid and confused to see the road closed.  Meg kept joking that I was taking her out to the middle of nowhere and leaving her behind.  This area is quite rural to say the least.  A light bulb clicked when Meg mentioned she had recently seen that many parks along The Delaware Water Gap and Appalachian Trail have been closed lately.  Apparently our recent Nor'Easters hit those areas extremely hard, resulting in downed trees and power lines.  The only road we could've taken to Buttermilk Falls was closed, and I was livid.  Authorities are saying it could take months or even years to clean up many of these areas!!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  You can click here and see more information about Buttermilk Falls, plus other parks that are currently closed.  I would hate for you to go all the way out there for a nice drive, and end up stranded / lost.  

Meg and I drove by a nice lake that happens to be a Jersey State Park.  I hate to admit that in my very cranky mood I didn't even pay attention to the beautiful Lake's name, nor the name of the Jersey State Park.  I know that we were passing Stokes Forest, not quite to the Tillman Ravine, and the lake was beautiful.  Any ideas?

5 ways you can be more productive at work, and they all take less than a minute?  SIGN ME UP!  Apparently standing up once in awhile helps our blood flow, I know my laps around our radio station tend to help me.  Brain health vitamins are something I should take more, understood.  I love this 90 minutes block of work idea, fully support that!  Pink Noise?  I've never heard of pink noise before in my life.  You can see these tips in full by clicking here.    

I think many of my friends have been searching for vacation spots lately, probably due to our recent spring snow storms.  We found the list of best airlines to fly based on consumer satisfaction.  I personally have always liked Jet Blue.  You can click here and see how they ranked.


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