Someone Is Buying Legends For $12 Million!

This is GREAT news for Sussex County!  For years Legends, formerly The Playboy Club in Vernon has been an eyesore.  You may remember the recent stories about remaining tenants at Legends getting evicted within days, and can see that story by clicking here.

The Go Eco Group has entered into an agreement to buy this place for $12 MILLION.  I love their plans to have a 618 room, 8 story hotel including retail options, fitness options and a 55 and older living community.  What I think is another HUGE development in this for Sussex County?  They're committing 150 parking spots for NJ Public Transportation!!!  If this gives more than only tenants direct access to New York City, this could be a major development for our community.  I'm personally hopeful they'll open the NJ Public Transportation to more of us.  You can click here and see more about this story that has me and many others very excited!  Huge potential for Vernon, and all of us here in Sussex County.  More exciting options can help our community here in Jersey grow, with it not being a secret that we've been declining in population for 20 years, especially among millennials.    


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