Are You Part Of The Facebook Data Breach?

We've been seeing this Facebook Cambridge Analytica Breach all over the news, with latest reports indicating 87 million people are impacted as opposed to 50 million.  Yikes.  I'm on Facebook all the time!  How can we tell if we are one of the 87 million impacted by this data breach on Facebook?  This Monday, April 9th, Facebook will tell us.  At the top of our Newsfeed, Facebook is going to provide a link for us to click.  This link will show us the third party apps we are using in addition to Facebook, and Facebook will show us whether or not we have been impacted by this data breach.  We will all be staying tuned for Monday!  Is it sad that I'm yelling at my computer saying "noooooo, hopefully this didn't also impact Instagram and Snapchat!"  You can click here and see more about this Facebook controversy.  

I really like the potential of this new app, called "Shine."  You know me, I've been saying for years that our world needs more optimism and laughs, not less.  Life can be very tough, and will usually only get tougher when we're negative.  I try to be a positive influence on the radio, on social media, and old school in person.  That is why I am hopeful for this new app.  They're app is really starting to take off now, and it sends you positive, inspirational texts every morning.  You can see all about this app that has me excited by clicking here.

Yesterday I received some positive feedback on how drinking more water is the easiest way to get healthier.  I've been championing water for 20 years.  You can see that post I made yesterday here.

I just found 4 more tips on how to make drinking water a little easier, you can click here and see them.

btw, can you believe my Pet Of The Week, Craig, has received NO interest only because he's a pitbull?  This sweet boy is so loving, hugging and kissing everyone nonstop.  Let's please help him find his new family that he deserves by clicking here.

OH WOW.  I just stumbled onto this.  Mike Myers brought back Dr. Evil on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon?  How am I just seeing this now?!?  I personally don't think it matters where your political beliefs may be --- this is HILARIOUS!  This brought me back twenty years loving Austin Powers movies.  Dr. Evil even today can still be AWESOME --- and EVIL!  



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