Youngest Child Is The Favorite - Yep!

My Wicked Awesome Sistawh Suzanne is the best.  Not only is she my sister, Suzanne is one of my best friends.  That being said, she is DEFINITELY my parents favorite!!!  Yet another study is out saying that parents indeed do have a favorite kid, and for 30 years I've been saying it's my little sister!  I do agree with those who say "my favorite kid depends on which one is bugging me the least."  That is a true statement for sure!  You can click here and see more about this completely 1000000% accurate story.  

Steve Andrews had me on with him at 8:50 this morning to discuss it.  We discuss fun things everyday, and I admitted they probably like her better because she's a hard worker, works 3 jobs, went to the excellent University Of New Hampshire, can cook and use the washing machine without incident.  Steve Andrews asked "you don't use your washing machine?"  Well, I have a couple of times thanks to Awesome Girlfriend Megan's strong guidance.  I wouldn't bet money on myself pulling it off without incident.  

Speaking of annoying, gross chores, they're saying cleaning dishes is the absolute worst, and I agree!  Steve Andrews makes fun of me all the time because paper plates are extremely dominant at my place.  Use it, set it and forget it!  Don't even get me started on how sponges are the GROSSEST THINGS EVER!!!!!  You can click here and see why it's so gross, as if any more proof was needed.

While workers may want to job hop to make more money, employers are admitting that can raise red flags.  I totally understand that, but what if the job changes are made for career growth?  There must be a happy medium here, right?  You can see that story by clicking here.

Did you hear my cute puppy Pet Of The Week, Yassir?  He's an adorable 1.5 year old chihuahua with a larger than life personality.  You can click here and see his pictures.  Let's help Yassir, my new little buddy find his new Family!

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