Feeling "Fast And Furious" in NJ?

Most of us have been caught going a little too fast at some point in our driving habits.  Whether it's because you're in a rush to get somewhere or you just enjoy the thrill of pressing hard on that gas pedal, knowing that how you have the power to possibly break speeding records from point A to point B would make someone feel like they're on top of the world.  But with that power comes consequences...like not following the speed limit on many streets, roads and highways.  NJ.com just posted a ranked list of counties in New Jersey where you might or might not get a summons for going a little too fast.  So the next time you go on that road trip down to the shore via the Garden State Parkway or sprinting up and down the New Jersey Turnpike en route to Delaware or New England northbound or southbound, see the list on the link below and think about where you are in the state and how much more likely you'll get stopped for racing on the highway.  Stay safe wherever you go!

Ranked list of counties in New Jersey where you're likely to get a speeding ticket


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