10 Ways You Can Lower Your Stress At Work

They have come up with 10 ways you can lower your stress at work.  I try a few of these on a daily basis, especially walking around, not sitting still.  Shutting off your smartphone 90 MINUTES before going to sleep?  I could never pull that one off, though powering down for 20 minutes or so is usually my speed.  Remind yourself how great you are?  We all need to do that more I'm sure.  Guarding your time is one of the most important things that I'm trying to get better at all the time.  Like they say, if you don't have respect for your time, nobody else will either.  You can click here and see all ten ways.

Also, is venting at work doing more harm than good?  This article says absolutely yes, and I agree.  If it's complaining without trying to come up with solutions, or sometimes there aren't reasonable solutions, then we are simply wasting our time and each other's when complaining.  More tips here include walking away and taking breaks, this helps me big time.  You can see more of these by clicking here.  

One of the be happier and less stressed tips for work is getting more sleep.  I know what you might be saying..."but what about when work keeps me up and doesn't let me sleep at night?"  I hear you.  Here are plants that are scientifically proven to help us sleep.  I have a lavender candle in my bedroom that I NEED to start remembering to light when I get home.  I'm open to just about anything that can help me sleep better these days.  You can click here and see the plants, like Lavender, and Jasmine.

What else can help you be happier at work?  Well, while money is far from everything, it can certainly help!  How to ask for a raise at work?  Be prepared with a number in mind, and showcase your personal wins that have helped revenue.  You can see those tips and more right here.

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