Today Is Deadline Day For Legends Residents

This is definitely an awkward situation.  Residents at Legends must vacate the building by 5pm today, but some are saying they haven't received the court ordered $1500 relocation fee which would help them move.  This is frightening that they aren't getting the help needed to move, while being legally forced to leave.  While they have had several months to look for new housing, it can be a challenging process, especially if they don't have enough to cover first and last month rent, security, etc.  You can see more about this challenging situation by clicking here.

Just last week, the Legends property made major news with a company reportedly offering to pay $12 million for it.  Their plans look to be really amazing and a possible major boost for our local economy, with new hotel rooms, restaurants, shops, and a gym.  You probably have seen the views from Legends, I feel they are breathtaking.  Before the tree leaves bud in May, I can see Legends from my deck.  Talk about a massive property with great potential.  If they are able to get New Jersey Transit involved getting a bus from Vernon to NYC on a regular basis?  I this could be huge for Vernon and Sussex County.  You can click here and see all of those major development plans.


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