Road Paving Begins Today, Are You On The List?

Weather permitting, they're reportedly starting to pave more roads in Jersey today, woohoo!  This Winter (or Spring where we have had more winter weather,) has been very tough on our roads.  I'm sure it's impacting your commute at times.  Thanks to a State Of Transportation grant, they're paving roads in Sussex County and Warren County.  Although I must admit to not having too many Route roads memorized by location since most of my travels are typically on 94, 23, and 517, if this paving project will take care of over 25 miles, that will be a great start!  You can see all about the paving project in this New Jersey Herald story by clicking here.

YIKES.  7 signs that you're not read to get engaged right now.  While hope someday I'll be able to pop the question to Awesome Girlfriend Megan, we're also in no immediate rush.  My ultimate goal is for us to get hitched in 3-5 years, provided she doesn't smarten up and run away in the meantime.  These signs are accurate for the most part, I definitely agree that you don't get engaged just to feel more stability.  Even though it worked out great for my parents, these days I wouldn't recommend getting engaged in your early 20s.  I've grown and changed so much since my early 20s, but by mid to late 30s we know ourselves much better.  I feel then we know where we've been, know what we want / don't want, and where we're going.  You can click here and see more signs to avoid.

Our happiness and financial well being is worst than last year?  They rank this on if you feel typically happy, financially secure, and healthy.  The Temkin Group out of Waban, Massachusetts (near Newton, approximately 20 minutes west of Boston, woohoo) has surveyed over 10,000 U.S. adults for several years.  Are we really feeling 2 points less happier, financially secure, and healthier?  You can click here and see their full report.

Most of these stories seem rather sad, right?  I'm here to cheer you right up with my cute puppies!  Have you met Lance and Levi, my Pets Of The Week yet?  Look at these two brothers kissing and try to not fall in love instantly.  You can click here and see my cute little buddies.


Photo by Pixabay


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