Cops May Have To Physically Drag Out Legends Residents

This saga may be finally coming to an end April 30th.  There are reportedly still tenants living at Legends in Vernon, despite the court ordered eviction date earlier this month on April 9th.  This is a tough situation.  Low income residents are getting $1,500 in relocation assistance while many have noted that isn't usually enough to cover first and last month's rent plus security deposits.  On April 30th, by law The Sussex County Sheriff's Office will have to enforce this and forcibly remove residents.  Just the other night one of my friends was asking me if everyone had left and I wasn't sure.  Now we have confirmation that there are still tenants living there despite the April 9th deadline.  You can click here and see the full report on this situation.    

Legends, the former Playboy Club in Vernon has been in the news often both because of this eviction situation and a company's interest in purchasing the property / land for $12 million.  I'm very excited for the potential of something being done at Legends in a rebuilding situation.  This company trying to purchase Legends has plans that could be a huge boost for Vernon, Sussex County and beyond in Jersey.  They want to build a new hotel, a 55 and older community, gym, restaurants and shops, etc.  If they could ever allocate parking spaces for New Jersey Public Transit going into NYC and open it up to more than just residents, I think this could be an enormous win for our community.  You can see more about that here.

Look at all of the potential developments happening in Vernon!  Earlier this week, Mountain Creek announced their tentative plans to explore more developing right off of Route 94.  I think a winery or brewery could give our community a boost!  We definitely would need better infrastructure to handle more developments, but this has potential.  We've been declining in population for 20 years in Sussex County while not developing, something has to change.  You can see my coverage on that here.

How about a cute, big puppy?  My Pet Of The Week, Lexi is a lovable pit bull who will make people very happy.  This girl is so well behaved, energetic, muscular, and full of love!  Let's help Lexi find her new family.


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