The cost of eating...

posted by Mel Andrews -

Lately, my blogs have been about food, whether it be about cool recipes or why we are obsessed with taking photos of food.  Like many single people, I enjoy dining out.  The problem is that dining out gets quite pricey to say the least.  For that few hours of enjoying a well crafted meal, my wallet takes a beating. recently posted a list of the most expensive restaurants in NJ.  It's no wonder that I'm short on cash every week!  Many of those places are establishments that I had dined at one time or a few, but I was surprised to find that the number 1 most expensive restaurant in New Jersey is actually local around here in Sussex County.  To see what it is and the other eateries that will cost you a pretty penny here in the state, check out the link below.  Fortunately, for my budget, the featured photo of my recent lunch didn't eat a chunk of my last paycheck...

The 27 most expensive restaurants in New Jersey, 2018 edition



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