Legends Resident Eviction Situation Continues

This situation doesn't appear to be ending without resistance from the residents at Legends in Vernon.  This eviction process has been ongoing for months, with the most recent deadline on April 9th passing.  After then, residents were notified that they must be out by April 30th and removal by force via The Sussex County Sheriff's Department could happen.  The former Playboy Club, Legends has been an eyesore for many years.  According to codes, residents aren't legally allowed to live there for longer than 30 days.  There have been many challenging logistics involved, while residents who have been living there illegally are getting a $1500 relocation fee, that isn't typically enough to cover first month, last month, plus security deposit at most places in Sussex County.  While some residents have claimed they haven't received the $1500 relocation fee, zoning officials say once they turn in their key those families will receive the money.  These low income-families still living at Legends must remove their belongings before being forcibly removed by police.  You can see more from this terrific New Jersey Herald report here.  

Can you imagine being a police officer and having to forcibly remove families from where they're living?  Even though they're living there illegally and have been notified of this deadline for many months, that must still be tough, right?  My thoughts are with everyone involved during this tough time.  Whenever I post on this story, we hear from many sides to this discussion.  

Meanwhile, last month we reported a company wants to purchase Legends for $12 Million, and totally revamp the area with an 8 story hotel, gym, shops, restaurants, and a connection to New Jersey Public Transit that would go into the city from Vernon!  


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