Lobster Prices Have DOUBLED This Year!

Are you kidding me, Mother Nature?  Prices of Lobster have reportedly doubled to tripled in some places, all stemming from our abnormally cold winter then spring.  You can see this frightening report by clicking here.  While it has been a cold spring for us in Jersey, the weather has been very challenging up in Maine where they're the top lobster state, and Canada.  They claim that prices will return closer to normal once we get consistent warmer temperatures and I cannot wait for that!  I'll admit that I'm more of an Alaskan King Crab Leg fan than Lobster, but a great Lobster roll is fantastic.  I always go for the "Lazy Man," or "Naked," Lobster.  I just need the lobster meat and some butter, none of that extra filler stuff like mayo and celery for me please.  As far as my psychotic friends who love the process of cracking open lobsters?  You have too much time on your hands!


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