Vernon Asst. Principal Gets $250K Settlement!

Another day with more drama in Vernon public schools.  Is it just me or have they had a really turbulent, volatile past couple of years?  Has it always been like this?  Vernon's Assistant Principal Nancy LoPresti, is reportedly getting a $250,000 settlement, resulting from her claims that she was in a hostile work environment from outgoing Superintendent Art DiBenedetto.  DiBenedetto has admitted to working on some anger issues.    This is apparently the second settlement they have paid to employees, is this normal for school systems?  I don't remember seeing anything like this.  I hope the apparent tension and drama at the top of this school administration hasn't trickled down to kids attending these schools.  Vernon has been in the news often the past couple years, most recently for an alleged security breech with one of its students. I've lived in Vernon for my whole 4.5 year Jersey tenure, and it's alarming at times to see so many negative stories regarding Vernon schools.  Hopefully they can steer this ship with better results for everyone involved.


It's Friday night, let's get crazy!  This weekend I'm heading back up to Boston and seeing my parents for the first time since Saint Patrick's Day Weekend in mid March.  I won't be able to bring Awesome Girlfriend Megan this time, but hopefully we can score her some New England Clam Chowdah next month or June.  It's going to be a quick weekend, back up Saturday, then back in Jersey by Sunday afternoon.  I call these my Steve Whirlwind World Tour Weekends.  Hopefully over the next couple of months I can see all of my friends in Boston.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan came up with a great idea, she will visit me tonight, before I leave for Boston early tomorrow morning.  Here's where it gets interesting / scary.  I'm GRILLING!  Here we go!  I'll be grilling London Broil Steaks this time around, and I just googled these tips.  Thank god for Google, right?  Steaks, wine, and we'll probably do something extremely romantic, like watching The NFL Draft together on TV.  I know, how lucky is Meg, right? 


ICYMI: Have you met my Adopt A Pet Of The Week, Lulu?  You're going to love this slightly timid, but very sweet Mountain Cur mix.  She's such a sweetheart!

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