My Weekend In A Ton Of Pictures Sorry!

I need a weekend from my weekend!  Action packed, fun filled weekend for sure.  Friday night, Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I had a quiet night in together.  We realized that with all of our recent fun entertaining at my place, that our alone time has been slightly lacking.  I made the executive decision to have a quiet chill date night in, where we would be grilling massive steaks.  This was a major learning process.  I learned that I DON'T LIKE LONDON BROIL CUT STEAKS!  Too tough for me.  I prefer NY Strips, Filets, etc.  Due to the massive size of the steaks, I ended grilling them for almost a full hour.  The second side cooked of course much quicker than the first side, and the steaks ended up being cooked Medium.  I'm all about Medium Rare, for me redder is better.  I was honestly miserable.  Thank goodness we had FANTASTIC red wine, "Simi," from our Besty Bobbi.  Meg was terrific and cheering me up reminding me that these adventures are all about learning.  Fortunately, Meg loves London Broil and enjoyed hers.  She was able to take home the leftovers for her Awesome Daughters so they could enjoy steak sandwiches.  We still had a wonderful Friday night in, watching the NFL Draft together.  Am I romantic or what?   

This was my first weekend off since Saint Patrick's Day, so I celebrated by making a quick trip up to see my parents.  Madre, Padre, Suzanne, and JDawg are all my best friends.  While I'm so blessed here in Jersey, I miss my family every single day.  

Saturday at 6am I hit the road and ended up in Boston by 10am.  I fortunately made a couple of wonderful value purchases at an Outlet Mall.  I've been searching for new sneakers the past few weeks, and finally found the ones right for me, and they were on clearance for $37!  Wooohoo!  I then went to the Lucky outlet and found a newer version of a shirt I've had for many years.  Success!!!  From there, it was off to Cranston, Rhode Island.  I had lunch with one of my dear friends, Doug, who has worked at radio stations with me in the past.  He and his buddy are opening a new bar, and I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview.  You know I'm a die hard Bar Rescue and Jon Taffer fan, so this was a fun adventure for me.  Best wishes to them for sure.  

Then Saturday night, I went to dinner with my family.  My parents, JDawg and our besty Sue all had fun together.  We tried out a new sports bar, and our meals all came out bad.  I usually don't complain at restaurants.  Our waitress knew we were all unhappy, and informed us their manager was offering us a free desert for our troubles.  Then I snapped.  I just blurted out to her "I'm sorry, this isn't your fault, but no we don't want any more, all of our meals were horrible.  We went 0 for the table basically!"  She then took 50% off our bill.  My parents are giving the narrative that I was "overdramatic," and "talked with my arms too much."  I say that I simply spoke up and fought for what's right!  I'm incapable of lying unfortunately.  

Sunday I made the trek back to Vernon, and could see some of the Spartan racers from my deck!  What a nightmare traffic was on 94 all weekend, right?  The timing of 94 in Vernon being down to one lane, then needing to close due to Spartan race made things quite tricky.  Once we get the other lane back we'll be golden for more events.  It's pretty funny to know that people from all over the country come to our area for this event.  Last night I had a beer on Campus with a girl who came up from Louisiana for this!  Overall, wonderful weekend.  

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