Newton Council Candidates Battle

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In a New Jersey Herald moderated debate, the Newton Council candidates battled counting down to election day.  The debate took place in Newton at Sussex County Community College, where candidates gave their views on how to make both short and long term improvements.  You may remember recent controversy involving Mayor Wayne Levante regarding his social media actions, which both he and other candidates discussed.  This Tuesday will be the Newton town election, I always say get out and vote!  One very interesting issue that they debated last night was whether town elections should be separate from the larger November elections.  While it would save money to combine the elections and get a larger voter turnout, I still support the separate elections.  Town elections can be very important and I don't want to see them get lost in the shuffle of larger elections.  I have always rooted for Newton to try and follow Hackettstown's recent model of success.  Awesome Girlfriend Megan lives in Hackettstown, and we always enjoy their downtown restaurants.  The Hackettstown downtown has helped revitalize their area, with local breweries and restaurants working together.  Local breweries post take out menus from nearby Hackettstown restaurants who deliver, and the nearby places have no problems delivering to breweries.  Could something like this work in Newton?  I believe it could!  


How to negotiate more money for yourself!  They have come up with a list of 11 proven and successful ways to negotiate more money for yourself.  The overall theme of these 11 is pretty consistent, you want to be prepared, confident, and professional.  


7 things for us to stop if we want to sleep better.  Basically, the more we can power down mentally and physically, the better.  Did you know that eating certain foods can raise your body temperature therefore making it tougher to fall asleep?


DID YOU HEAR THAT A FARM IN FREDON HAS INVENTED TAYLOR HAM ICE CREAM?  You can see more of my thoughts on this exciting development, along with video proof here.  It's a little exciting, and a little scary, right?  


Selfies can help improve our health?  I believe it!  Selfies can indeed be motivating.  You can click here and see more on this study.



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